Horn, Bone, Ivory of Odisha

Bone, Horn, Shell, Ivory

Horn, Bone, Ivory of Odisha

Craft Revival Trust

Due to the ban on ivory craftspeople have shifted their skills in ivory carving to horn craft. Palakhemundi and Cuttack are known for the horn work, from which stylised animal forms and utility items are made. The horn used is from cow and buffalo which is skillfully converted into ashtrays, jewellery, and figures of birds and animals. Utility products like bangles, decorative combs, hair jewels and perfume jars (ittardanis) are also made and ornamented with silver filigree work to create an unusual look. Carvings of Mithuna figures in bone are made in Odisha. The Tribal Santhals, Orans, Marijas make carved combs out of bone and horn.